Specialist Software for Caravan Parks

Software to manage all your Caravan Park reservations, reports, guest needs, reviews, ratings ….

From small caravan parks to large. We have all the features and functions you need. From simple direct integrations with your major booking suppliers and anniversary automated personalised emails to guests. To more sophisticated WIFI setup, CCTC setup, Website hosting and maintenance, multiple sites and over 400 possible integrations.

Direct Integrations so you do not need to pay for Channel Managers like Site Minder

Every reservation extension or reduction automatically is updated online to major directly integrated agents like Booking.com, Agoda, Expedia, Trip.com etc. We remove the extra costs charged by channel managers as you do not need to use them if you do not want to.

Also integrated with Channel Managers like Site Minder

If you would like to be integrated with more than 10 booking sources then we also have direct integration with Site Minder to enable you to achieve this.

Bookings Downloaded Instantly

When a guest books online then the booking is downloaded automatically in to the accommodation type booked so staff see the booking within 1 minute.

Drag n Drop

Staff have the ability to Drag n Drop bookings to optimise site usage. Pop up alerts if dragging to a different site type. Extending and reducing bookings is easy. All supported by automated two click emails staff can choose if they want to update guests of changes to site booked, duration, price, etc .

24x7 Support

We have successfully delivered to users globally for over 15 years. Your data is secure with us. We have mirrored and disaster recovery solutions. 24×7 support for staff as well as raining films, Skype and emails support.

Yield Management

Easy to set yield management functions so that families that want to stay longer are not blocked out by shorter duration bookings. Managers will see clearly where the demand is so they can make caravan specific adjustments.

Returning Guests Functions

Automated personalised emails can be sent at anniversary times to guests. Discount Codes can be included as can be films, links etc. There are unlimited email templates that can be loaded in to the software and they can be set by site type so people only read what is relevant to them.

Tours & Events

Tours and Events can be loaded in to the software so guests booking for those dates can be informed by email. Your local community will love this feature as it helps them gain more custom.

Debiting Guests

Guests can be debited in any way you decide. eg, Automatically in advance at time durations you decide with automated receipts being sent to the guest. You can also manually enter credit cards in the software and debit cards in the software to be automatically sent to the bank account you set in the software,

Travel Agent Integrations

The increasing competitive world means increased innovation enables maintaining competitiveness. We will assist you be mobile friendly, bookable on new mediums, bookable by travel agents, networked with other caravan parks you want to work with.

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