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Booking Engine

Responsive, customisable and easy to use for your visitors

Across all devices our booking engine not only looks good but it also is customisable to your needs. Responsive and intelligent this booking engine will increase your visitors ease of use. A happier customer always means better reviews and increased earnings.

Fully customisable

You decide what design you prefer for the booking engine. Change text and photos easily. Tailor the design to integrate with your website

Intelligent booking - promote one room type concurrently as multiple room types
One room can be sold under multiple categories and one booking removes all the tied categories. This enables you to gain even more revenue per room.
Booking Engine delivers an average price for each room for day selected

The average price results in longer duration bookings.

Sell tours, late checkout and meals via the booking engine

Add more value to every booking by offering a variety of extras which not only will improve your visitors impression of your property offer but also increased profits. Give your visitors the extras they want straight from the booking engine.

Integrate into Facebook

Our booking engine is not only able to integrate with your website, but also with Facebook.

Do you have a multi-language website? If so you also need a multi-language booking engine – without it you may be missing out on potential sales. We can set you up with any language you need.
Modern responsive design

Your visitors will view your website on multiple devices these days. Desktop, tablet and mobile phone. Our booking engine is designed to render perfectly on any device its shown on. Don’t lose business via a confusing booking engine.

Preview window

The preview shows potential guests a snapshot of the the days before and after the day searched for availability and prices. This provides better retention and more direct bookings. Direct bookings do not have commission applied so you receive 100% of the bed price.

Discount Codes

You make as many discount codes as you like so you can more closely co-operate with alliances to entice loyalty booking. 5% or 10% discount for a direct booking of two days or more is far more profitable than paying 15% commission to an OTA. This is also a good way to retain guests so they do not start using chains of hotels offering their own incentives to keep travellers booking with them.

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