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Together with a customer, we implemented an integration for MailChimp. A direct connection between Book.World and MailChimp offers several advantages that can enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your marketing strategy.

  1. Time-saving: Direct integration saves you time as you don’t have to manually transfer data between systems. Automated processes allow you to transfer information quickly and easily.
  2. More accurate data: Direct connection ensures better synchronization of your data, leading to higher accuracy and reliability.
  3. Increased efficiency: Direct integration enables you to automate and standardize your marketing strategy, leading to increased efficiency.
  4. Better personalization: Direct connection gives you access to more data about your customers, allowing you to create personalized marketing campaigns.

In conclusion, a direct connection between your system and MailChimp offers a multitude of benefits that can help you improve your marketing strategy and achieve greater success.

When ever a user books through BookWorldOnline (the online booking engine from Book.World) the system offers the option to opt in/out to the mailing list. This is displayed as a select box with user defined discription text and options. This could look like this:

Display example of BookWorldOnline integration

Only if the guest chooses “Opt in” (or what every you choose as confirmation) the e-mail is forwarded to your MailChimp audience. The new integration does a one time forward of the guest information from Book.World to MailChimp. So you keep your audience up to date and ready for your next newsletter.